At Flite Systems, we specialize in drone services for all industries including providing image and video analysis, surveying, asset inspections and geospatial mapping solutions.

We provide real-time construction monitoring to assist Engineers, Architects and Construction personnel satisfy investor requirements proving site progression. We also aid property management to carry out preventive monitoring of building structures by performing engineering surveys.

Our data gathering capabilities are effective in helping our clients’ to save costs by identifying problems that should be addressed, thereby preventing costly repairs of equipment or unsalvageable structural damage. We make it easy for individuals and organizations to acquire professional drone imagery and data whenever and wherever they need it.

Each project and property area is distinct; this is why we take out time to understand your objectives prior to launching any project. We have the flexibility and technical know-how required to adapt our services for any project and provide a simple solution that guarantees quality results.

Our expert drone operators combine ground-breaking technology and industry-transforming solutions in the most innovative ways to take your business to the next level.

Contact us today for your compelling visual stories, and reliable aerial information about your critical assets to enable well-informed, and real-time decisions at scale.