Disaster Relief and Aftermath

Drones have received mixed criticism due to its association with armed deployment in war zones - But, none can deny its importance when it comes to use in Disaster & Aftermath services.

Aerial drones become a life-saver in many complex situations, improving disaster response, aftermath, and relief operation services. With this powerful man made technology, one can deliver critical and lifesaving supplies with minimal risk to force, ensuring that relief operations can be conducted faster, safer, and more efficiently.

These catastrophic situations whether natural or manmade often make conditions so difficult for relief workers to respond and unable to access areas without proper assessment. In such cases, drones are the only solution that has the ability to take on roles where emergency vehicles and relief workers and manned can't access, providing better situational awareness, perform damage analysis, locate survivors amidst the rubble, and help extinguish fires, making it an effective yet life-saver technology for this emerging world.

This technology is being used across many countries, as people are realizing the value to their rescue operation and cost-saving opportunity. One can utilize such drones in:
" Hazardous chemical spills
" Assessment of structural damages
" Delivering emergency supplies
" Mapping of survivors and rescuing
" Extinguishing wild or city fires
" Mapping flooded and earthquake area

In short, drones have the ability to take on roles where relief workers and manned vehicles fall short, allowing you to map, assess, and plan accordingly for better situational management.

We (FLITE Systems) take pride in manufacturing the finest quality UAV/UCV drones, adding agility and responsiveness, which makes rescue operations much easier. For humanitarian assistance, disaster response, or aftermath services, we're on a mission, offering the capability to rapidly make hundreds of deliveries throughout the area of need.

We've got you the best solution that let you respond in emergency situations smartly!

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