Drone Delivery

Conventionally, road transport has been the strength of the logistics industry since decades. But, reaching to remote areas due to no infrastructure and congested urban settlement arising the importance of delivery drones to solve these issues.

Delivery drones are man-made battery operated robotic vehicles, generally have 4 to 8 propellers, which can be monitored from the station, keeping track of every package delivered.

The reason behind drone delivery is to cut-down the delivery time and cost of human labor, making it the favorable choice for many delivery giants. Numerous companies around the world advertise their business with least package delivery time, which is sometimes not possible due to traffic congestion, but delivery drones makes it 100% possible.

Though setting up different flying stations around the city due to its limited battery timing and flying range could be the big investment for many startups. Moreover, it's equipped with a guided GPS and drone delivery software, allowing it to deliver packages on-time and on-location without encountering any potential obstacles, thanks to its advanced motion sensing features.

Some of the key benefits of delivery drones are:
" Reduce lead delivery time due to no traffic or stop signs, as on road.
" Reduce shipping, transport, and other operational cost in deliveries.
" Reduce environmental pollution, protecting the environment to some extent.
" Due to meeting delivery standards, reduces shipment return issues.
" Precise delivery on-spot, thanks to guided GPS and motion sensing feature.
" Much more

Gone are the days when an item picked in a warehouse, put on a truck, and delivered because all this can be possible on just a click of a button with delivery drones.

We (FLITE Systems) take pride in manufacturing the finest quality UAV/UCV delivery drones, adding agility and responsiveness, allowing you to take your delivery business to the next level.

We've got you the best solution that lets you deliver packages on-time and on-spot smartly!

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