Engineering Survey

Drones are exceptionally mobile and can fly through very narrow spaces. They can provide access to places that can not be seen otherwise. These functions of drones have significant applications in engineering surveys. There are special drones that are used for this purpose.

After the building process, the building must be approved and examined by professionals to check its safety parameters and design stability. Previously these parameters were studied using the human eyes through extensive focus and long time consumption but now the availability of drones has totally changed this concept.

Drones can fly above and around a building and the camera mounted on drones provides a clear view of the building and its architecture. They allow the engineers to see the places that could not be seen earlier. Minor defects or changes in the plan can then be made according to the observations. These specially designed drones can be used to view the structural designs of a building. Old historical buildings can be observed using this technique and any changes over the time can be recorded and repaired to help it sustain.

Three dimensional maps of a building can be made using observations from a drone camera. Every angle and every side can be observed that is then interpreted by special software that help design the overall map of the building in a three dimensional space.

If any changes in the architecture or design are needed they can be implemented on the 3D design first and if viable to the actual build.
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