Farming Solutions

Other than security and surveillance, drones are bringing a new tech-wave into modern farming, revolutionizing the industry in recent years and facilitating the agriculture industry at best. Because of the sudden climate, it's incredibly difficult to monitor and manage crops timely, causing major impact on food security.

To cater this challenge, UAVs farming drones are the perfect solution, allowing you to gain more efficient crop insight in a relatively short amount of time and to plan and manage their operation more accurately for better crop yielding, eliminating food scarcity.

As an agronomist or agriculture engineer, nothing gives the comfort as monitoring the crops from the sky with precision. The right drone solution or service will capture and inform the important factors across every inch of the agriculture land without even stepping into the farm field.
More and more farmers adopting this UAV technology to be able to survey a field, estimate crop yield, or keep track of your livestock, means farmers can be more efficient. The data collected by these drones, not only help farmers but also allows policy makers to address high-risk issues.

The benefit of these drones in farming and agriculture sector are:
" Surveying becomes easier no matter how dense the agricultural land.
" Reducing the time-spend by farmers on ground to inspect the field.
" HD images, allowing you to capture areas of interest without losing clarity.
" With multispectral sensing technology, one can identify potential crop issues.
" Allowing you to export drone data in a range of file formats for easy analysis.
" Carry out accurate counts of crop insects and much more.

The time has changed and with this technology, farmers may have better control over their agricultural land and yielding crops.

We (FLITE Systems) take pride in manufacturing the finest quality UAV/UCV farming drones, adding agility and responsiveness, which makes monitoring on agriculture land much easier.

We've got you the best solution that lets you monitor every inch of farming land smartly!

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