Government Serices

Drones are highly adaptive to their use and provide fast access to different areas to monitor the situation. Over the past years, drones have become incorporated into nearly every field. Thus, the adoption of drones by the government does not come as a piece of shocking news.

Previously drones were only available to the army due to their heavyweight and cost. But as the drones becomes affordable, many industries and organizations are adopting this technology.

The U.S government has recently approved five different drones to use by the government. The rules of aviation however make the use of these drones impractical for now. These rules may vary country to country but some of the common rules include the following:
" Operators can not fly drones over group of people.
" Operators can not fly drones at night.
" Operators can not fly drones beyond their line of sight.

Service drones are now available to the government that will soon be applied to various public sectors for development, maintenance, and monitoring. Some main uses of the service drones are listed below.

Drones can be used to inspect the infrastructure of buildings such as commercial towers and skyscrapers. The parts of the building that were previously inaccessible can now be seen and checked for engineering and safety assurances.

Delivering Supplies:
Another use of the drones is the delivery of supplies to victims in an area where human access is not possible. You can consider the present case scenario of Corona pandemic. The government will be able to supply deliveries to the people in lockdown in their homes.

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