Using Unmanned Autonomous Solutions for your various inspection needs can greatly improve the effectiveness of your inspection process. The main drawback of traditional inspection methods is they are expensive, and time consuming. Having a human visually inspect any large item or infrastructure can take time and be dangerous. The inherent dangers of many of these operations can be eliminated through the use of a drone so as not to put a person at risk of fall or dangerous exposure, in turn this can save your company money in insurance and liability costs. Another really key benefit of using an autonomous system to do an inspection is it can move much faster than a human can while simultaneously producing a much clearer image than a human eye doing visual inspection. 

The deliverables from hiring us can also be brought up time and again and be used to create accurate digital models that can show greater detail any problems the inspected item or area might have. Our high resolution 4K cameras will be able to show every detail of the subject being inspected down to the smallest concrete crack or fault. These cameras can capture the most minute details and give you the tools to properly asses the concerns you may have, whether it be physical damage or simply something out of place or coming loose. Our drone can make this assessment quicker and in areas hard to get to for humans providing points of view on equipment you previously could not get.

Flexibility is a great advantage of using our autonomous systems. We can provide flexibility not just in your points of view and showing you things you couldn’t see before, but also in time, in the types of inspections we can do, and also in the data we can deliver. Drone’s are quick to deploy and an inspection can begin very quickly once its been scheduled and we’re on site. There’s no need for any of the red tape involved with putting humans at high vantage points and in harms way. Our experience pilots can get in the air and begin inspections in under ____ minutes once on site. There is a variety of formats and data we can present to you, you could choose to just have the high resolution or video files for example. Or, we could use special cameras to show thermal signatures of the item, or we can use powerful software to make a model you can rotate and inspect closer on your computer, it’s really up to you.

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