Research and Development

Drones are widely used for military operations, which is still the most noticeable application of this technology. However, the extensive decrease in the price of these drones has impacted many industries, such as research and development works.

In the 21st century these drones allow scientific researchers to achieve feats that previous generations of research and development works only dreamed about. With these drones, one can advance human knowledge to the world greatest problems with their refine searches and better solution.
Depending on different research and development needs, drones can be equipped with high-tech cameras, payloads, thermal sensors, or other advanced equipment, making things easier. Different industries R&D department are benefitting with this top-notch technology, allowing them to capture every single detail, which they want to see for their analysis and assessment.

Moreover, the biggest advantage of using drones is that they can take you places that are difficult to access, allowing you to collect data even for no-go areas. Like, mapping the LAVA structure or moving along the coastline of a certain beach has never been so easy with drones.

Some major industries R&D department are using drones for:
" Energy industry uses drones to identify methane or oil leaks.
" Construction industry uses drones for illegal encroachment.
" Water industry uses drones to identify and predict flooding.
" Disaster industry uses to capture catastrophe without sending humans.
" Space industry uses aerial photographs of earth or certain pieces of land.

Above are some industries who're benefiting their R&D department to refine their findings, bringing the best possible solution to problems.
We (FLITE Systems) take pride in manufacturing the finest quality UAV/UCV drones for research & development purposes, adding agility and responsiveness, which makes research much easier.

We've got you the best solution that lets you research and collect data smartly!

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